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Directions to Oregon Creek (with photos), CA nudist spot in the Yuba Rivers Area

Directions start at Auburn, which is on the I-80 north east of Sacramento. From there, Google indicates about 50 minutes travel time to our spot.

From Auburn, drive north on highway 49. After about 30 minutes you arrive in Nevada City and you must turn left to stay on 49. Continue on 49 and after about 10 minutes you will cross the bridge over a fork of the Yuba river. Continue another 10 minutes and you will cross another fork of the Yuba River. You're almost there, maybe a mile more up the road and pull over on the right wherever you can park. There are 2 pull-over strips nearby - if there is room, go to the farther one since this is where the best trail down to the river is. Look at the photo below to see the exact spot where the trail is - you must know this otherwise you will get lost!

The walk is not far at all down to the river and a faily easy walk for most people.

The river here is Oregon Creek and it follows the highway, running south into the Yuba river at the crossing. Here's a link to the route from Auburn to the spot. The end point may not be exactly right on the map. Link to Google maps. -Nomad

Map showing overview of route:
Oregon creek Map

Below shows the last couple of miles of the route. The "B" marker up to the red dot is where you should park. The red mark is close to where the good trail begins. Once parked, walk carefully along the side of the highway to where the main trail entrance is.
Oregon creek Map

Photos were taken in the fall of 2011 during a scouting trip Kris and I did of the Yuba Rivers region.

Below shows a parking pull-over. Ahead, where the road turns is where the trail begins. If you are lucky you can park closer - but if it is full of cars you will have to keep driving until you can figure out how to turn around safely, drive back, then turn around again to park in a better spot. Be careful on this winding highway! Cars drive fast and there is limited visibility. nudism place on Oregon Creek

Moving ahead, using "street-view", here is where the trail begins. Not much parking space here. nudist spot on Oregon Creek

On the main trail down to the river. nudist spot on Oregon Creek

Potential camping spot lateral to the main trail. nudist spot on Oregon Creek

Ahhhh... paradise! skinny dipping spot on Oregon Creek

Ahhhh--- waterfalls! nude river spot on Oregon Creek

Just be careful climbing around here! naturist spot on Oregon Creek

Naked Swimming hole as promised! nudist location on Oregon Creek

Sun-drenched rocks for nude sunbathing. Or for warming up after swimming! nudist spot on Oregon Creek

From our 2012 trip: nudist spot on Oregon Creek 2012

From our 2014 trip: nudist spot on Oregon Creek 2014

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