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Leave your clothes behind and discover back-to-nature freedom and sensuality!


Bare Your Soul - June 19-21, 2015 - Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday

Nude Tantric Yoga Retreat Workshop with Shakti -   near Santa Cruz, California

The Tantra Sessions will not be photographed and participants can opt out of the secondary naturist photo projects that may happen during "break" times.

This event was completed successfully, with 24 participants - the photos shown are promo images from a previous similar event.

❂ Event Overview

Shakti Padmini will be leading a multi-session workshop, over 3 days, introducing and exploring Tantric Yoga with 12 couples. Practicing this ancient art will set you on a path of liberation and empowerment. Deep hidden energies are unlocked as Shakti guides you through a series of meditations and exercises you do while connecting with your partner. A quiet focused weekend, away from a busy life and the noise of industry, is just what you need for rejuvenation. This event is an extension of the bodyfreedom philosophies of Naked Club and participants are expected to be nude as much as possible through the entire weekend. Sessions will happen in the meditation yurt and various natural spots - a forest clearing - a meadow...

Shaki says: "We will be building energy with each session, one on top of each other, towards a culmination on the last day with a ritual where something profound will happen, revealing what Tantra is about and opening to the possibility of really experiencing the magic."

❂ Participants

Application to participate is done by a couple. If you are single, there is some chance we can pair you with someone suitable, but not very likely because of the intimacy you will have with your parter through the weekend. Please contact us by email You are expected to stay overnight at least Friday and Saturday evenings with Sunday evening being optional. Participants sleep communally in the two yurts (bring earplugs!). Meals are provided and included. You are likely required to register with a partner. Any age, any sexual orientation is welcome. This is not about "sex techniques" and is not about "free sex" or anything like that. You will be expected to turn off all communication devices and only check in at designated times twice daily (lunch and dinner).

This is a drug-free event, including tobacco and alcohol. The objective for you is to find a natural "high" by following your teacher on a path towards nirvana.

❂ Place

Salamander Camp is just 10 minutes from Los Gatos, CA yet the setting is like a fairytale land in a forgotten natural valley. This retreat is small but comfortably modern, buried in a primal redwood forest north of Santa Cruz. This large private property offers 3 yurt-structures, one for activities, another for meals (kitchen) and another for sleeping. There is a hot tub, small swimming pool, large deck, showers, camping area, a field and lots of interesting nooks to explore. The interiors are beautifully done and well-equipped. Outside is untamed wilderness with a brook running through the property and an open field on a hill above with a labyrinth made of rocks. This is paradise for us and quite private! You can walk on forest trails naked and not encounter anyone.

❂ Money Matters

The fee indicated below is the total per couple and covers all meals and snacks.

✓ $550 per couple

The amount is mainly used to remunerate our experienced teacher in this ancient art. Remaining funds pay for the facility, meals and other support items. Naked Club is not expected to make any profit and is not mounting this event for that purpose.

A deposit of $150 per couple is required to hold a spot. The balance can be paid at any time but must be paid by Wednesday June 17. There is no price variation if you arrive late or leave early.

❂ Transportation

You will need a car for transportation to the retreat - there is sufficient parking there. Detailed driving directions will be provided once you are fully confirmed to attend and have fully paid the deposit. If you do not have a car we will help find a way to get you to and from the event. You could take CalTrain to San Jose and we can pick you up with our minivan. Carpooling is another possibility. Let us know what you require.

❂ Schedule

Participants are expected to arrive friday and stay through the weekend in order to experinece the continuity of lessons. The formal part of the event ends Sunday afternoon.

Friday June 19
Attendees may start arriving any time during the day.
5:00-6:00 pm - tour of the grounds and trails with Nomad
7:00-8:00 pm - Welcome dinner
8:30-10:00 pm - Introduction to Tantra (in the yurt)

Saturday June 20
8:00-9:00 am - Tantric Partner Yoga (outside)
9:00-10:00 am - breakfast
10:00-12:00 pm - Nature Tantra immersion
12:00-2:00 - lunch
2:00-4:00 pm - quiet time or follow Nomad for nature photo project
4:00-6:00 pm - Nature's GUidance
6:00-8:00 pm - dinner
8:30-10:00 pm - Summer Heat Puja & Solstice Celebration

Sunday June 21
8:00-9:00 am - greet the day with morning tantric meditation
9:00-10:00 am - breakfast
10:00-12:30 am - going deeper
12:30-2:00 - lunch
2:00-3:00 - Tantric bliss massage
3:00-6:00 pm - quiet time or follow Nomad for nature photo project

❂ A Message from Shakti

Bare Your Soul and Awaken to a New Passion...

The Tantric Nature Immersion for Couples...

You have tossed aside your clothes to step into the innocence of your body, where nothing separates you from nature.

Now it is time to allow the mask of personality to drop away to reveal your splendid divine nature.

Now it is time to release the layers of separation to return into a state of oneness.

Now it's time to let go of all untruths and come back the magic of LOVE.

A magical weekend that will make fall in love with each other all over again & open a doorway to living in bliss

In this course you will....

*Step away from the mundane into the mystical

*Awaken and magnify the flow of your sacred sexual energy, the mystical force of divinity (that will transform your lovemaking)

*Open up to greater aliveness, energy & vitality *Expand your spiritual awareness, open your heart to unbound love

* Access deeper levels of emotional & spiritual intimacy with another Create deeper connection, ignite a new flame of passion

*Explore the dance of Shakti-Shiva (the interplay of masculine and feminine)

*Drawing from mother nature's great intimate guidance you'll begin to let go of that which you are not (self-limiting patterns) To become who you are (free, unlimited blissful love being)

*Activate your creative energies to express your unique gifts

*Birth into being the god-goddess communion, the Tantric Divine Union The enlightened partnership

We'll dance with Tantric practices of breath, sound, movement, subtle energy flow, touch and other sensual and spiritual delights nature provides

"Within seconds the past is erased, the mind stands still and an abundant flow of sacred sexual energy floods the body. Naturally, you find yourself in space of making love: with the one you share, with your surroundings, with life itself!"


This weekend will be a safe, sacred container where bodies are unconditionally honored and respected as holy. No explicit sexuality during the workshop (you may do your more intimate practices in your private space).

Love is sex energy transformed. Love is our essence. Make love. Transform the world,

❂ Naked and Free!

Have you ever spent several days without ever putting on clothes? This is your chance. Bare Your Soul is a nude-only event (weather permitting) and you are expected to participate as natural as possible. And just a reminder that this is not a sexually oriented event - no open sexual activities are permitted. Consentual physical contact is encouraged and is usually in abundance for those that are open to it.

❂ Weather

The micro-climate of this area at this time of the year is usually warm (or hot) and sunny, even when the coast and San Francisco are cool and foggy. Perfect for skin to air comfort. There is a large activity yurt with heating in case of rain.

❂ Visual Documentation

Given the private and intimate nature of this event photos and video are not part of this workshop. We may want to take a couple of wide shots of the group at the end of each session to have some kind of record - but you will be warned beforehand and can leave the shot or turn away as we shoot. There may be an opportunity for Nomad to do a short creative shoot away from the main group durning off times - but this is at your own discretion.

❂ Get Booked!

So you just read this page and you're thinking "Oh my god! I so want to be part of this!" Please contact us at right away and we will let you know what you need to do. If you are new here you should start by completing the general application page.

Photo of Salamander Camp

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