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Bare Your Soul

May 27-30, 2011   3-day retreat nude event   near Santa Cruz, California
(Memorial Day weekend) Share
This event was completed successfully, with 24 participants - the photos shown are promo images from a previous similar event.

Bare Your Soul body-freedom event photo

❂ Event Overview

Bare Your Soul is a 3-day body-freedom and body/mind awareness event happening at a lovely secluded retreat in the beautiful Santa Cruz hills, surrounded by redwood trees. The facilities are modern but set close to nature: a stream, forest trails, meadows. Each day will be packed with a variety of activities and games each conducted by different specialists. These will include workshops for dance, yoga, massage, meditation, movement, intimacy, creativity, music, expression, etc. This event will maybe be slower paced than the more extroverted Bodyfest event. The tone of each event is still a bit up in the air. Great meals and accommodation are included in this nudist event.

❂ Participants

You are expected to stay overnight at least 2 of the 3 evenings. There is some possibility of shorter stays including a day-only visit, but this is not encouraged. There is a comfortable communal sleeping yurt and you can also pitch a tent if you prefer. We can accept about 20 participants per day, so let me know right away if you are interested.

❂ Place

Salamander Camp is just 10 minutes from Los Gatos, CA yet the setting is like a fairytale land in a forgotten natural valley. This retreat is small but comfortably modern, buried in a primal redwood forest north of Santa Cruz. This large private property offers 3 yurt-structures, one for activities, another for meals (kitchen) and another for sleeping. There is a hot tub, small swimming pool, large deck, showers, camping area, a field and lots of interesting nooks to explore. The interiors are beautifully done and well-equipped. Outside is untamed wilderness with a brook running through the property and an open field on a hill above. Paradise for us!

❂ Money Matters

This is an expensive event to run - I have to pay the facility per person per day. I am also paying for meals and other event costs. Participants may fall into one of these three payment categories.

1. Attendees: A fee is payable to the event depending on your length of stay. The fees indicated are per couple or per single person. An early deposit will guarantee a place for you. The balance must be paid 30 days before the event or you lose your place and you lose your deposit. There is a discount if you fully pay before April 1. Deposits and fees are not refundable unless the event is cancelled or I decline your application. If you do not show up, or leave early, the money you have paid is accepted as a donation to the project.

Fee if paid after April 30, 2011:
✓ $200   Flat fee for 1 to 3 nights included

Discounted fee if fully paid by April 30, 2011:
✓ $150   Flat fee for 1 to 3 nights included

2. Elves: I pay you a fee of $100 for the day if you lead a workshop. Other elves who officially help: prepare meals, register people, help run activites, etc. will be paid $60 per day and will need to be present for at least 3 days, preferably also a 4th training and prep day. By prior arrangement only.

3. Guests: I will allow up to 5 free volunteers per day (they neither pay nor get paid). To be considered, please present your case to me.

❂ Activity Leaders

Several interesting individuals have been lined up to conduct various workshops but I'm still looking for more ideas and leaders, both for this event and for Bodyfest in July (which is happening at a different retreat nearby). So please get in touch with me (Nomad) if you want to propose something. Anything relating to body and mind self-development that can be adapted to a nudism perspective will work well.

❂ Transportation

If you are coming by car, there is a small parking lot at the retreat. Detailed driving directions will be provided once you are fully confirmed to attend and have fully paid the attendance fee. If you do not have a car we will help find a way to get you to and from the event. You could take CalTrain to San Jose and we can pick you up with our minivan. Carpooling is another possibility. We may make a daily minivan run to Santa Cruz. Let me know what you require.

❂ Naked and Free!

Have you ever spent several days without ever putting on clothes? This is your chance. Bare Your Soul is a nude-only event (weather permitting) and you are expected to participate as natural as possible. And just a reminder that this is not a sexually oriented event - no open sexual activities are permitted. Consentual physical contact is encouraged and is usually in abundance for those that are open to it.

❂ Schedule

Friday May 28 - Set-up and training day for Elves. Attendees may start arriving any time during the day. A few activities will be planned but this is mainly a relaxing day to get into the naked groove. There will be an evening party with great food, music and campfire.
Saturday May 29 - a full day of planned workshops. Some attendees may be expected to still arrive that morning.
Sunday May 30 - a full day of planned workshops.
Monday May 31 - a partial day of planned workshops. We will wind down in the afternoon allowing for departure and travel time for attendees. Elves stay longer to clean up and finish administrative stuff.

❂ Workshops and Activities

Most of these are confirmed. There will be more coming and some of these may drop out. You are not required to participate in anything you are not comfortable with.

✓ Nomad's Body Grounding at the Labyrinth
✓ Hatha Yoga with Blossom
✓ Forest Treasure Hunt
✓ Contact Improv Workshop with Flo
✓ Open Eye Meditation with David Grant
✓ Opening Intimacy with Lee
✓ Massage with Ousia
✓ Bare Your Soul Party
✓ Small Rock Breaking with Nomad
✓ Guitar Group Play with Robert
There will be time off to play, go on walks, splash in the pool, soak in the hot-tub, blow giant bubbles...
You are not required to do anything you don't want to - There is nothing physically sexual in these workshops.

❂ Weather

The micro-climate of this area at this time of the year is usually warm (or hot) and sunny, even when the coast and San Francisco are cool and foggy. Perfect for skin to air comfort. There is a large activity yurt with heating in case of rain.

❂ Visual Documentation

Photography and videography will be done only by certain individuals designated by me. Please leave your cameras at home.

❂ Get Booked!

So you just read this page and you're thinking "Oh my god! I so want to be part of this!" Please contact me at right away and I will let you know what you need to do. If you are new here you should start by completing the application page.

Photo of Salamander Camp

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Bare Your Soul 2011 poster
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