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Bodyfest nudist event festival on June 1, 2013

Bodyfest 2014 - Saturday June 7 - a nudist and nude freedom event

A festive day of wholesome nude fun  -  near San Jose, California        Share
(consider hanging out with us Friday through Sunday)

Bodyfest NEWS June 9, 2014

The event was a resounding success with over 100 people attending! This page will be revised this summer to provide plans for 2015.

We are looking for performers, workshop leaders and musicians for next year. Please get in touch!

Buy your tickets online in May to get a discount over what the gate price will be. See ticket info and payment link below.

We are reducing photography for this event from what we usually do. You can avoid being recognized (see details below) in photos (unless you are a performer, helper, or previously were part of photo trips/events).

❂ Bodyfest Event Overview

Expected to draw at least 150 people, Bodyfest 2014 will be our biggest and most activity-packed nudist event ever! It is the culmination of all the retreats, beach parties and performance events we have done to date. Explore your inner and outer self through music, art, dance, performances, games, contests. Stay in one of the comfortable yurts, pitch a tent or just come for the day. Enjoy the hot tub, swimming pool, restaurant. Bring your friends! Make new friends! New to this?... come and try this safe, non-sexual, way of exploring body-freedom. This is a participatory, high-energy event, so please be up to this if you attend.

Start your Bodyfest Registration (if you've done this in the past just email me instead)

❂ Main Attendance Points

- Pre-register and get your advance discounted ticket.
- Free for main performers, activity leaders, event helpers.
- Contests with cash prizes this year!
- The event is nude-only (weather and health permitting)
- There will be some limited photography.
- Everyone is welcome to attend.

❂ Bodyfest Activities

We've done a lot of fun interesting things over the years and we will pack as many of them all into one day as possible, some overlapping to accommodate the many visitors we expect. This year the emphasis will be a series of elaborate contests that will challenge you on both physical and creative levels.

Performances: singing, music, aerial silk, martial arts, gymnastics, poi-spinning.

Workshops: Body-awareness, yoga, music, contact dance, meditation, massage.

Creativity: body-painting, nature-costumes, body-scultures, giant bubbles.

Contests: races, tug-of-war, wrestling, jumping.

Exhibits: We will have an "Unveiling" installation. This is where we display images and videos from previous Naked Club events and trips.

❂ Place - Lupin Lodge

We are at the magnificent Lupin Lodge! This beautiful private naturist facility is nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Jose, California and covers 110 acres. This sanctuary has hosted a miriad of cool alternative events like Burning Man Decompression, Raindance and Occupy The Dance Floor. Lupin lodge is a 10 minute drive south of San Jose, a 25 minute drive north of Santa Cruz. There is plenty of free parking, and oodles of camping spots. There are several yurt structures, some for indoor events and other small ones for private accommodation. Other facilities: pleasant restrooms, showers, hot tub, pool, tennis courts, restaurant, group kitchen, lawn, patio, nature trails...

❂ Attending Bodyfest

1. You must be age 18 or over as of June 6, 2014. This is an adult event, not a family event, though it is set up to encourage a younger crowd. Being young-at-heart is OK too.

2. Pre-register on-line. We suggest you do this ASAP even if you are not yet sure you can make it. If you have attended our events before or applied before, just email and let us know you want to come. To attend, you must complete a release form and to get Lupin's special admission rate you need to be on our list in advance. You can just "show up" on the day, but we can't guarantee how much your Lupin Lodge gate fee will be.

3. Think about buying a ticket ASAP. See info below about pricing and follow the link to make a payment.

4. For the comfort of female participants we try to maintain close to a 50/50 gender balance. This year we are allowing a limited number of single male participants, however they must buy a combo ticket, and in advance. No single males at the gate if not registered with a ticket beforehand. We highly recommend that single males make the effort to get their female friends interested. The combo ticket will allow guys to bring a female friend for "free" if they can find someone.

5. Photography at Bodyfest is going to be more limited than ever this year to allow for more participants that must limit their photo exposure. We will shoot small groups of those we know, and performers. You may end up in the background of shots or in very wide shots of activities. If you are wearing a red wristband we will blur your face in any photos that become part of the event master set. A special photo set of the event will be made available to all participants about a month later.

6. Bodyfest is a nude-only event (excepting weather and health considerations), not "clothing-optional". This applies to everyone involved, helpers, performers, etc. That is the whole point of this being a body expression festival.

7. Wrist Bands - All attendees will wear an issued wrist band throughout the event to identify that they are fully registered.

8. Upon arrival, Lupin Lodge requires all visitors to present photo ID, complete Lupin's registration form, and submit to and pass a Megan's Law online background check. You will also check in with our event coordinator and receive your wrist band.

❂ Activity Leaders and Helpers

Several inspiring individuals are coming to perform, help and conduct workshops but I'm still looking for more ideas and leaders for this event, and certainly for future events as well. Booked leaders, performers and helpers attend for free and are paid an honorarium of $50 (except for the volunteer category). Please get in touch with me (Nomad) if you want to propose something.

❂ Admission Fees

Your event ticket price depends on some details which you can check in the chart below. You also pay Lupin Lodge a grounds admission fee which will have a group discount and this is paid when you first arrive (unless you are already a full member of Lupin Lodge). The event ticket should be bought in advance ASAP, to help us plan the event. Notice, the longer you wait, the higher the price. Note that Lupin Lodge members are Free.

Event ticket prices
Purchase Date May June
Combo Ticket M/F F/F M $20 $25
Single Female Ticket $12 $15

BUY YOUR TICKET or preferably first start registering if you are new and have not already contacted us.

The combo ticket is for two people, either male/female buddies, or two female buddies. It's all about making it favorable for more women to attend - it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Single males buy the combo Ticket whether or not they choose to bring a female buddy. We reserve the right to stop selling to single males at any time if we feel there are too many of them.

A note of explanation regarding gender. Our basic intent is to be egalitarian. But when you have on the whole far more males applying than females, then something has to be done. The combo ticket exists to encourage both males and females to seek out more female participants.

PhotoNaturals / Naked Club, will not make a profit from this event. We will be spending money on food, props, equipment and support materials. The small admission fee we are collecting will simply soften the blow of the cost of the event.

❂ Lupin Lodge Entrance Fees

The Lupin Lodge entrance fees are paid when you arrive (see below) and they are a group rate for those who have bought our event ticket in advance. If you do not buy an advance Bodyfest ticket (ie you buy it on arrival) you may be charged full rates by Lupin since they expect to see your name on a list we provide.

Special Lupin Lodge Rates:
One day (no overnight) $25.00 per person
Overnight, additional $10 (camping)
Stay Friday through Sunday with camping, flat $60
Lupin may have small yurts available too - contact them for info

Other fees apply for Lupin Lodge meal plans, RV hook-ups etc. We suggest you bring your own food and/or food to share. Or just buy small meals from their restaurant when you are hungry.

IMPORTANT - to get the special rates you must be on a list I give them a few days before. So even if you do not buy an advance ticket and do not yet know if you can make it, let me know and I'll put you on the list. Random new people who show up must pay the normal Lupin rates.

❂ Schedule

Thursday June 5 - The initial crew of Naked Club elves will arrive and start preparing for the event.

Friday June 6 - Attendee's may opt to arrive on this day to set up their camping spot. An evening dinner and event will be planned for anyone who has arrived at this point.

Saturday June 7 - The main BODYFEST event. Activities will start early in the morning and continue non-stop through the day including the evening. If you want to be part of the full Bodyfest experience, camp another night so you can stay up late.

Sunday June 8 - Morning Yoga class and Bodyfest decompression. Clean-up and packing.

❂ Transportation

There is plenty of parking at Lupin Lodge. Detailed driving directions will be provided once you are fully confirmed to attend. If you do not have a car let us know and we will try to get you carpooled.

❂ Weather

The climate of this area at this time of the year is usually warm (or hot) and sunny, even when the coast and San Francisco are cool and foggy. Perfect for skin to air comfort. There are large activity yurts with heating in case of rain or unusual weather.

❂ Free Your Body!

Have you ever spent several days without ever putting on clothes? This is your chance. Bodyfest is a nude-only event (weather and health permitting) and you are expected to participate as naked as possible. And just a reminder that this is not a sexually oriented event - consensual physical contact is encouraged and is usually in abundance for those that are open to it.

❂ Book yourself Now!

I know what you're thinking: "wow, I've just got to be part of Bodyfest!" Please contact me at right away and I will let you know what you need to do. If you are new here you should start by completing the application page.

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