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Leave your clothes behind and discover back-to-nature freedom and sensuality!

Bodyfest nudist event festival

Bodyfest Canada!

July 28-30, 2017
Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
Newmarket (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday

>>>LINK to Bodyfest California


PLEASE read everything carefully so that there are no surprises on the day!

❂ Bodyfest Event Overview

Free your body and mind through music, art, dance, performances, games, and contests. Stay in one of the comfortable cottages, pitch a tent or just come for the day. Saturday activities peak with the afternoon Nude Olympics where everyone competes in fun and easy games and challenges. Then later that day slow down with body painting, mud painting, water games, massage, or just hanging out! While at Bare Oaks enjoy the hot tub, sauna, swimming pool, trails, lake, and restaurant. Bring your friends! Make new friends! Are you new to this?... come and try this safe, fun, non-sexual, way of exploring body-freedom. This is a participatory, high-energy event, so please be up to this if you attend.

We have most of our performers, workshop leaders and musicians lined up for Bodyfest but there may be room for more, or we may need back-ups and certainly there will be future opportunities! If selected, admission is free and there is a small honorarium.

❂ Main Attendance Points

• The event is open to all "nudies" regardless of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
• There will be lots of things for the kids to enjoy. • There are advantages to registering and buying tickets in advance.
• Free for main performers, activity leaders, key event helpers.
• The event is total-nudity-only (weather and health allowing)
• There could be some very limited image recording - always announced in advance.

❂ Bodyfest Activities

FRIDAY: Meet&Greet - Dinner - Standup Comedy show - Drum Circle around the firepit.
SATURDAY: Breakfast - Warm up Yoga - Partner Contact Dance - Lunch with musical performances - Bodyfest Intro - Nude Olympics including contests with balloons, hula Hoops, frisbee toss, Noodle Swat, Clothesfreedom race, the no-running race, Body sculptures - Naked Snake - Group Photo - Playtime with bodypainting, mud painting, giant bubbles, water fights - Hosted Show me Yours Talent show - Dance Party - Drum Circle
SUNDAY: Easy Yoga - Aiki Partner Energy - Partner Massage - Creative Photo Shoot

Download a PDF of the Bodyfest Schedule
Download a PDF of the Nude Olympics Contests

❂ Admission Fees

There are 2 admission fees to be aware of. One is the Naked Club event ticket, the other is the Bare Oaks grounds admission and camping fees which you pay on arrival and depends on how long your stay is - details are posted further below. The Bare Oaks fee is half-price this weekend.

❂ Naked Club Event Participation Fee

Event ticket prices
Single Person Ticket $15
Single Person 18-25 $10
Couple Ticket M/F F/F M/M $25
Under 18 with parent registered as above. free
Group Discounts available - email us!

Tickets are now available at this link: PayPal/Credit Card

The advantage of prepaying is less waiting time for you, though you will still have to register at our kiosk on the day.

If you have any other questions email nomad at

❂ Bare Oaks Entrance Fee

The Bare Oaks entrance fee is paid when you arrive and we have been granted a special discount rate for this weekend. VERY IMPORTANT: If you have not previously visited Bare Oaks and have not gone through the orientation process, you will have to do this when you arrive. Expect a waiting period. We recommend that you visit Bare Oaks on an earlier occasion or arrive on Friday during the day to do this. You may also save time by downloading and completing their form now, and bringing it when you arrive.
Download a PDF of the Bare Oaks First-time Registration

The Bare Oaks special rate is a flat $25 per day per single, couple or family. Only $10 for ages 18 to 25. We suggest arriving Friday and departing Sunday since things will be going on well into the evening. There are additional fees for camping. Please check their website,

REMEMBER: Combine both entrance fees, Bodyfest and Bare Oaks, to estimate your cost of attending.

❂ Place - Bare Oaks

Just a 40 minute drive north out of Toronto will bring you to the gates of Bare Oaks, an inviting naturist park with it's own lake, campgrounds, cottages, a pool, restaurant, and clubhouse with sauna and hot tub. This is a true family, nudity-only, naturist destination. An orientation session is required for all newcomers at this well organized facility with plenty of staff available. See photos at the bottom of this page.


1. AGE - The event is for all ages but you must be age 18 or over to register yourself. Under 18 must attend with a parent.

2. SEX - In case you are completely new to this, we want to make sure you do not have the wrong idea about what happens at our events. The fact that we are nude is absolutely NOT an indication of sexual availability nor interest. Any inappropriate comments, activity, attitude, expressing sexual arousal are not tolerated and are likely grounds for ejection from the event and property. Inappropriate "friendly" touching of people you do not know should not happen. Very occasionally newbie males experience an unintended erection - this is not a problem as long as you cover up and let the moment pass.

3. PHOTOGRAPHY - Bare Oaks policy forbids photography unless tightly contained only to personal friends who have given you permission - do not include others in the background of your photos! Any event photography we do will only be by our official photographer and only under very specific circumstances. You will not be photographed against your wishes! Many other Naked Club events do have extensive photography - please consider being part of our growing army of people who are proud to be seen clothing-free in this ongoing campaign to normalize the nude human body in all its expressions.

4. CLOTHING-FREE - Bodyfest is a nude-only event (excepting weather and health considerations), not "clothing-optional". This applies to everyone involved, helpers, performers, etc. That is the whole point of this being a body expression festival. Please avoid wearing a sarong or wrapped towel! When you wear a sarong or some other drape, some nude people may start to feel they also need to reach for a sarong. Please support the central mission of Naked Club... to be naked! You may wear some body adornment as long as it does not cover parts of your body normally considered part of "nakedness". If the sun is too strong wear sunscreen or stay in the shade.

5. WRIST BANDS - All attendees will wear an issued wrist band throughout the event to identify that they are fully paid and registered.

6. PHOTO ID - Upon arrival, Bare Oaks requires all new visitors to present photo ID and complete a registration form. You will then also check in at our event kiosk on the lawn to pay the event fee and receive your event wrist band.

❂ Activity Leaders and Helpers

Several inspiring individuals are coming to perform, help and conduct workshops but we're still looking for more ideas and leaders for this event, and certainly for future events as well. Booked leaders, performers attend for free and are paid an honorarium of at least $50 (except for the volunteer category). Please get in touch with me (Nomad) if you want to propose something.

❂ Schedule

Friday July 28 - We advise Attendees may to arrive on this day to set up their camping spot. An evening dinner and event will be planned for anyone who has arrived at this point.

Saturday July 29 Activities will start early in the morning and continue non-stop through the day including the evening. If you want to be part of the full Bodyfest experience, camp another night so you can stay up late.

Sunday July 30 - Morning Yoga class and more activities will continue for most of the day, but Saturday is the day to come if you can only do one day.

❂ Transportation

There is plenty of parking at Bare Oaks. When the lot fills near the entrance there is an overflow lot deeper into the property - you will have to check in before being able to park in this case. Please plan to come early - the office will open at 8am. There will be minivan pickup available from the Newmarket GO train station, about $20 per person. We are considering a shuttle service from A subway station in Toronto - ask about it if interested.

❂ Weather

The climate of this area at this time of the year is usually warm (or hot) and sunny with occasional brief rain on some days.

❂ Book yourself Now!

I know what you're thinking: "Wow, I've just got to be part of this!" Please contact right away. Don't be shy!

Photos taken at Bare Oaks:

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