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Night of the Naked - Nude Halloween Party


Saturday October 17, 2015 - 8pm on - San Francisco  

Gender-balanced. Must confirm with us and get on the list. Advance ticket discount offered.

Nude mandatory (not clothing optional). Or nude with minimal micro-costume. Or apply body paint.

There will be image recording. Wear a mask or face-paint if shy.  

Advance ticket sales only - $20
Want to Go? Email Nomad now

We need all kinds of performers! Make a proposal! These are paid gigs if you have something of substance to offer.

❂ Event Overview

"Night of the Naked" is our first Halloween party ever. We are in a big private studio/theater space and we will have performers, body-painters, music and a costume contest. Everyone in the space must be fully nude or in their costume. By "costume" we mean either body-paint, or some kind of micro-costume. Themes could be scary, sexy, nature themes, or anything else inventive. In order to maintain the nudity theme you cannot cover breasts, bums, genitals, except with bodypaint. And Just a reminder that this event is not sexual in nature and respectful behavior is expected from all. It will be a fun goulish evening!

❂ Place

The location where the event is happening will be revealed to those with tickets, but it is in the Dog Patch district of San Francisco.

❂ Participants

The event is open to everyone, but you must be approved of in advance and be on the door list. And because we want female participants to feel comfortable, we are going for gender balance. So guys, find a female "buddy" to bring with you and apply to us with both names. If we already know you both from previous events we can speed up getting you ticketed. Single women are welcome of course and this will balance out the few extra males that are inevitably there for one reason or other. Whether you want to be part of the contest or not you must be nude as described above. To get on the list to attend this event, email Nomad at If you are new and have not already done so, Nomad will require you to complete this application.

❂ Money Matters

Admission is $20 per person. Advance tickets only. You will only be able to buy a ticket at the door if you get explicit permission by email from Nomad (event organizer). . We will be granting a few free tickets to people we know are having financial hardships.

❂ Performers!

We are looking for performers and musicians to be part of this evening. If accepted you will be paid something. It would be especially cool to have an all-naked band playing. Gymnastic, dance, singles or in small groups, would all be great. We're open to ideas and suggestions! Yes, you need to be nude, or "decorated-nude", not covering anything on your body that normally defines nudity.

❂ The Contest!

The highlight of the evening will be a presentation of those competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You need to be nominated for the contest, so strut your stuff through the evening to make an impression. We recommend that you include some kind of short performance that enhances or helps express your costume. But it does not have to be a big deal... For example, if you are a naked zombie you can just stagger back and forth a few times, grunting at everyone. Judges will be looking for originality and skill. A contestant who's costume hides too much of their body could be disqualified.

❂ Event/Location Process

The space will be divided into three areas which are visually separated from each other. (1) The entrance area where you pay for your ticket and are admitted. This area is separated from but leads to (2) another area where you can undress and securely stow your valuables with the host (including cell phones!). You will be given a number tag on a rubber band. This area is separated by a curtain from the main area and there will be enough room for you to apply your costume and put on your mask if you want to avoid being photographed at this point in your arrival process. From there you can proceed to (3) which is the main large open area where everything happens. At the close end of the room there will be bodypaint available for you to use. And there will be a bodypaint artist available who may be able to enhance your costume or give you a quick color treatment.

❂ Visual Documentation

Cameras are not permitted except by our official photo-videographers. Event photography only happens in area (3) as described above. All event participants must complete a liability and photo release on entry. Images will be used to promote future events and to generally depict a positive image to the world about clothes-free recreation, expression and creativity. For those who are photo-shy they may wear a mask of some kind thoughout the evening.

❂ Free Your Body!

This event is one of many that we organize, creating opportunities for people to experience the freedom of nude being and expression and social interaction.

❂ Inspiration

Our event was somewhat inspired by Bay Area Halloween events such as Exotic Erotic Ball, Masquerotica, and Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball. Though we are decidely more naked and decidely less sexual!

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