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Leave your clothes behind and discover back-to-nature freedom and sensuality!


In the Wild 2017 - Naked Camping


July 28-30, 2017 - North of Sacramento, California  

Please apply. Numbers are limited - email Nomad  

No official photography planned  

Camping overnight Friday and/or Saturday. Or Saturday day-trip only.  

$20 per person   $10 for day-trip only  

❂ Event Overview

"In the Wild" is a yearly group camping and wild nature experience at a carefully selected remote or private spot, usually close to water. Being clothes-free while swimming, roaming the forest and sitting around the campfire, is a liberating and naturally sensual way of feeling one with the wilderness.

In the summers of 2011 through 2016 we did camping trips with small groups and it worked out wonderfully. We create a base camp with as many amenities as is practical: drinking water, a shower, camping toilet, firepit, cooking area, picnic area, tent pads, props and toys for games and water fun, supplies such as sunscreen, flashlights, first aid kit... but you should also bring these things yourself if possible.

❂ Place

We have camped in a number of places and this year we are going back to a place we know. It is north of Sacramento. We scouted it just a few days ago in late June and everything looks good. The actual location will be given to those in the final group.

❂ Activities

The nice thing about a camping trip is that you can kick back and relax, or do some hiking, or participate in a couple of the organized activities. It's up to you. We may have some kind of workshop leader on hand to do something related to dance, yoga, body-movement, meditation...

We are looking for activity leaders for this event and others - please get in touch!

❂ Participation

Be aware that this is fairly rough camping. There are no toilet facilities and it is at least a 10-minute haul from your car to the camping spot. You must arrive in daylight otherwise you'll be causing a stressful situation for the group. Bring your own food and bring something for a pot-luck dinner Saturday night. If you are not a camper you have the option of making it a day trip on Saturday! If you want to join the camping group you have the option of arriving Friday or Saturday.

If you plan to show up to visit or camp please let Nomad know ASAP (email at the bottom of each page). To camp you will need your own camping gear and you should bring most of your own food.

Everyone is welcome provided you have completed the site application, fulfilled all the requirements and made a good impression. However we do have to limit numbers and will give priority to regulars and female applicants. If you are new, the more you can do to help us understand who you are, the better. Group nudity has some special sensitivities. We also now have a strong core group of members, male and female, that can help new people feel comfortable and included.

❂ Money Matters

The price is $10 if you are just going to visit during the day and not be part of our dinner. Weekend camping is $20 per person.

Your dollars help a lot towards running this event and others. The cost of supporting the various events still far exceeds the revenue earned through our website.

❂ Visual Documentation

This event has no mandate to create imagery for the Naked Club archive. There may be some official photography off to the side. If you bring your own camera please be sensitive to the privacy some people require - your photos should only have your approving friends as subjects. ASK before you shoot. Say NO if you don't want to be in photos. Be respectful!

Photos shot on this trip may be submitted to Nomad for inclusion in our archive, however we will have to confirm that all individuals in the photos have completed our photo releases before photos are in any way displayed anywhere. Please report to Nomad any photography that you feel was inappropriate.

❂ At your own Risk!

There is no obligation on our part to supervise you or take measures to protect your safety. If you come to this location you are attending at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety. The wilderness presents all kinds of hazards and risks of injury. Do not dive or jump into water until you are 100% sure of depth and accurate entry. Poison oak does grow in the region in abundance and some people react very badly to contact.

❂ Free Your Body!

Have you ever spent several days without ever putting on clothes? This is your chance. In the Wild is a nude-only event (weather permitting) and you are expected to participate as natural as possible. And just a reminder that this is not a sexually oriented event - consensual wholesome physical contact is encouraged and is usually in abundance for those that are open to it.

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