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In the Wild 3 - Naked Camping in the Sierras

July 26-28, 2013 - North of Sacramento, California   Share
This event was completed successfully, with 17 participants - the photos shown are images from the 2011 camping event.

❂ Event Overview

"In the Wild" is a group camping experience on a beautiful lake at a remote private spot. Being clothes-free while swimming, roaming the forest, sitting around the campfire, canoeing, is a liberating and naturally sensual way of feeling one with the wilderness. In the summer of 2011 and 2012 we did camping trips with small groups and it worked out spectacularly. So, we're going back this year with hopefully well over 20 people. Very few bugs were experienced and the water was surprisingly warm. We expect to have several tents, a couple of canoes, a small power boat, swimming toys, a jerry-rig shower, hammocks, camp fire, and whatever else we come up with. (photos on this page are from the 2011 event)

❂ Participants

If you are interested please get in touch ASAP. Because of gender balance issues lone males will not work for this, sorry. You will need some camping gear, though we will have some extra tents and sleeping bags etc.

❂ Place

The area we are going to is north of Sacramento, about 2.5 hours drive from the Bay Area. You will be able to drive right in close to where we are camping. Exact directions are only given to those committed to coming.

❂ Activities

Here's what we did in 2011, outside of normal campsite chores: We went swimming in the clear warm water of the lake (let's just say the water was not too cold). We did two short hikes, one to the top of a crest where we actually found some snow in the shade (even though it was very warm out). We took canoes out around the lake. We played in a field with frisbees, kites and planes. We sat around the campfire and huddled close for warmth while trying not to burn our marshmellows for making yummy "s'mores". And we had a little event called "Drowning Man" where we burned a small wooden effigy at night, floating in the lake, and then watched it sink out of sight. This year, with a larger group, we will be able to organize some more elaborate activities.

❂ Organization

A young couple was in charge last year and will be again this year. They will go to the location early and get the camping area organized. They will bring food and do some cooking but everyone is expected to pitch in and help any way they can. Once you are established as a participant you will be included in discussions about the details of the event, what you should bring, how you can help, etc.

❂ Money Matters

We've worked things out so there is no fee to participate. We cover the costs of renting the campground and providing some basics amenities. Attendees are responsible for transport costs, camping equipment and food, except for Saturday night meal.

❂ Visual Documentation

Though this event is not primarily driven as being photography-centric, there will be some shooting done here and there to document the event. And some activities may be focused on more than others. Shooting will be done only by certain individuals designated by us.

❂ Free Your Body!

Have you ever spent several days without ever putting on clothes? This is your chance. In the Wild is a nude-only event (weather permitting) and you are expected to participate as natural as possible. And just a reminder that this is not a sexually oriented event - consensual wholesome physical contact is encouraged and is usually in abundance for those that are open to it.

❂ Apply

If you are thinking about possibly attending this event or others please start by completing the application page. Or just email Nomad if you have been in touch before

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