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In the Wild 4 - Naked Camping

July 25-27, 2014 - North of Sacramento, California   Share
This event was completed successfully, with 16 participants - the photos shown are a mix of images from 2014 and previous years in other locations.

❂ Event Overview

"In the Wild" is a yearly group camping and wild nature experience at a carefully selected remote or private spot, usually close to water. Being clothes-free while swimming, roaming the forest and sitting around the campfire, is a liberating and naturally sensual way of feeling one with the wilderness.

In the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013 we did camping trips with small groups and it worked out wonderfully. We create a base camp with as many amenities as is practical: drinking water, a shower, toilet, firepit, cooking area, picnic area, tent pads, props and toys for games and water fun, supplies such as sunscreen, flashlights, first aid kit...

❂ Place

This year the lakes are very low, so we have an alternative approach worked out. One of our members has some private land in the Nevada City area. The land needs a bit of development to make it usable as a campground for us and work on these improvements has already begun. You can bring your trailer or RV, though there is no hook-up. If you wish, you can join us on a day in early July to help (see more info below).

We will do daily trips by car from the base camp to cool spots along the Yuba River. If you have never checked out the naked spots amongst the spectacular rock formations of this river, now is your chance! The area is north of Sacramento, about 3 hours drive from San Francisco. You will be able to drive right in close to where we are camping. Exact directions are only given to those committed to coming.

❂ Activities

The nice thing about a camping trip is that you can kick back and relax, or do some hiking, or participate in a couple of the organized activities. It's up to you. We will likely have some kind of workshop leader or two on hand to do something related to dance, yoga, body-movement, meditation, or maybe something less heady, like rock climbing or juggling,

We are looking for workshop leaders for this event and others - please get in touch!

❂ Yuba River Locations

The flow of the weekend: Most people will arrive at the campsite late Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning. Late Saturday morning we will pack lunch and snacks and carpool to river location #1 which is about 30 minutes to get to. We will spend the afternoon there and then return to camp late afternoon in time for dinner. Sunday late morning we will head to river location #2 and spend part of the afternoon there. Some people will want to pack up that morning, go to the river, then drive staright home from there. Some people will drive back to camp, stay another night and drive home early Monday. There are many options including not camping at all and just meeting us at one or the other river location as part of a day trip. All river/waterfall images on this page were shot at the two locations we will visit.

❂ Participants

If you are interested in coming please let us know ASAP (email at the bottom of each page). You will need your own camping gear and you should bring most of your own food. We are providing one big Saturday evening feast. If you have no camping stuff we might be able to set you up; we have some extra tents and sleeping bags that are in good shape. Everyone is welcome provided you have completed the site application, fulfilled all the requirements and made a good impression. If you are new, the more you can do to help us understand who you are, the better. Group nudity has some special sensitivities. We also now have a strong core group of members, male and female, that can help new people feel comfortable and included.

❂ Money Matters

Participants buy an advance "Combo Ticket" for $50. Combo means a friend is included in your ticket if you bring a friend. Obviously if you are a couple to start with you only need one ticket for the two of you. And if you have a 3rd and/or 4th friend, they are also included provided they are new to the group. This is our incentive for finding new people to join the Naked Club - they must be fully registered with us in advance of the trip though.

Please be aware of our Affirmative Action policy to encourage more women to get involved. Far more men find this website and apply than women, so we are primarily looking for men who can bring a female "buddy" to the group. We can make exceptions - let us know your reasons.

Your $50 helps a lot towards running this event. The cost of supporting the various events still far exceeds the revenue earned through our website. Note that the fee is waived if you come up at an earlier date and help us prepare the camp site!

On the other hand, if you can easily afford the fee, we appreciate the contribution.

❂ Visual Documentation

Though this event is not focused on creating visuals, there will be some shooting done here and there to document the event. Shooting will be done only by certain individuals designated by us. If you are new to the group you may wear a red bracelet (a loop of red yarn is ok) to indicate you do not want to be featured too prominantly in our visuals; however you are still required to complete the photo release and will likely appear in some photos at some point.

❂ Help Build our Naked Campground!

July 9-13, a small group of us will be working to prepare the site for camping. We could use your help! It's not too big a job if we can get a few people involved. It will be fun! It's always more fun without clothing! Plus we will waive your camping fee if you come to the camping trip too.

❂ Free Your Body!

Have you ever spent several days without ever putting on clothes? This is your chance. In the Wild is a nude-only event (weather permitting) and you are expected to participate as natural as possible. And just a reminder that this is not a sexually oriented event - consensual wholesome physical contact is encouraged and is usually in abundance for those that are open to it.

❂ Apply

If you are thinking about possibly attending this event or others please start by completing the application page. Or just email Nomad if you have been in touch before:

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