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Nude Beach Party Day 2011 (plus nude olympics)

Saturday, October 8, 2011 - Baker Beach San Francisco Share
Directions to Baker beach
This event was completed successfully, with about 50 participants - the photos shown are from a previous similar event.

❂ Event Overview

Nude Beach Party Day is a festive nudist social event with beach contests, games and activities. The overall winners get $300, $200, and $100. Various contests challenge your creative and physical abilities. This high-energy yearly event is in it's 4th fun year at various California beaches, and this year it is happening at Baker Beach. For the first time, it is open to everyone. We are joining in with Nude Beach Olympics and Nude Peace Day also happening at the same time and place. Compete in some or all of the events, or just watch and/or help out. We are expecting at least 50 people but would not be surprised if we get 150 this year. Last year I called this event "Bodyfest" but have decided to use that name for a yearly nude summer camp event. (photos on this page are from the 2009 event)

❂ Who Can Go?

Everyone can participate as long as they are nude and are okay with photos being taken. All of our other events require an application and screening process and then individuals are chosen and/or approved for particular outings and events - they are also usually required to be completely nude, without a lot of body decoration or face paint, etc. Nude Beach Party Day is different. You choose if you want to go and you can bring anything fun you want to and wear anything decorative you want to (as long as you are still basically nude). You are not paid to attend but you can win one of the three money prizes if you register on the day in accordance with the event rules.

Invite and bring friends but first make sure they understand how everything works - that it is a nude event and there is photography (by event photographers only). Please do not bring anyone who has hesitations about this.

❂ How do I get to Baker Beach?

Baker Beach is a popular and recognized (legal) nude beach (at the north end of the main beach). It is at the western edge of San Francisco with public transportation routes right to the beach. Depending on your location, we can have one of the car pools pick you up if you are a Naked Club member.

❂ What are my participation options?

Many of you will want to do all the contests, collect as many points as possible and hopefully win one of the prizes. But you can also just compete in a few of the events for fun, or help in other ways. We will need three judges who will choose the winners of each event. And I need a "Secretary" who will sign in the contestants and keep track of the points they win in each event. One or two people could do some simple food and drink preparation. I also need some general helpers throughout the day. Maybe you just want to relax and cheer people on.

❂ Those Prizes Sound Great!

We have devised a few contests that will hopefully not give unfair advantage to those who are athletic. No one is likely to do well in every event. So figure out how you can excel and then plan to participate.

The way it will work is that you collect points at each event you participate in. You get one point for just participating, more points if you are judged to be among the best. At the end of the day all the points are tallied and the three top overall winners are awarded as follows:

1st place $300
2nd place $200
3rd place $100

Some of the events are done in couples or groups and points are shared.

❂ The Nude Games (aka the nude olympics)

The nude "olympics" part of the day is not part of the main contest with monetary prizes but it will have it's own awards ceremony. It will be up first at 12 noon sharp and will last less than an hour. Planned contests include: 100 and 500 meter runs, wooden stair climb, discus toss (Maybe a frisbee instead), javelin throw (if we can find one), Olympic Greek style wrestling, sumo wrestling, and broad jump. There will be a short closing ceremony with wreath crowning and champagne toast. The winner is the Nude Beach Olympic champion with full honors all day and all year.

❂ The Nude Beach Party Day Contests

Here are some contests we have had in the past. If you have any ideas and suggestions please let me know. We are always working on developing the event activities.

♦ The No Running Nor Walking Race. Get from A to B as fast as you can by crawling, rolling, jumping, cart-wheeling etc. You may walk on your hands if you can!

♦ Sand Sculpture Contest. Groups of 3 will work together. Buckets and shovels will be provided but you can bring your own as well.

♦ Belly-Paint Contest. Contestants will pair off into painters and models and you will have 10 minutes to create a masterpiece on the model's belly.

♦ Body-Art Contest. Groups of 3 or 4 will have 5 minutes to work out a creative arrangement of their bodies as if they were a single sculpture.

♦ The Clothes Free Race. This is a short-distance running and undressing race and we have played it before with hilarious results. It is a race that involves a couple of check points where you have to remove or put on your clothing as fast as you can and then run trying to get to the finish line first. Specific rules to follow.

♦ The Show-off Show. We will set aside a performance area and each competitor can "perform" some kind of talent or ability. You have 1 to 3 minutes to do your thing. Suggestions: Dance, sing, recite poetry, martial arts moves, gymnastics, comedy, play music, magic (without sleaves),...

♦ Most Distinctive Body Parts Contest. The point of this is to not necessarily use "Playboy" criteria but other reasons to admire or make note of someone's body part. This will be divided into 5 sub-contests: legs, back, torso, breasts, buttocks. There is no separation between male and female.

♦ Please send me any additional ideas for contests as I am not committed neccessarily to the list above.


Photography and videography will be done only by certain individuals designated by me. Please leave your cameras at home.


There is a chance we will have to restrict the number of contestants so make sure you get there by noon!

10 AM some of us will get there early to set up
11 AM Registration begins for the Olympics and the rest of the event.
12 noon Olympics begins
1 PM Beach Party events begin
4 PM Winners announced


You do not need to register in advance for this event. But if you are interested in other events we do and you are new here you should start by completing the application page.

winners of the day Dance performance

Nude Beach part Day poster
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