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The payment goes to "Free Body Productions" which is my personal company for running PhotoNaturals and the Naked Club. The button will take you to a PayPal page; to pay by credit card find the grey button that says "Check out" with subtext "Pay without a PayPal account". You do NOT have to become a PayPal member. It is very straightforward.

Your PayPal email receipt can serve as your ticket, but we will also have you on record and on a list at our registration kiosk. Print the PayPal email if you feel you want the assurance of proof of payment.

❂ Bodyfest - Canada - July 29 weekend, 2017 - Bare Oaks

Per Person:

Per Person aged 18-25:

Per Couple M/F F/F M/M:

Link to the Event Info page


• If for any reason you cannot make it to Bodyfest we will issue a full refund sometime during the week after the event as long as your request comes before August 5. After that consider the payment a donation to the cause!

• Full refunds would be given to everyone should the entire event be cancelled for any reason prior to the Friday.

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