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Nudity and On-Location Issues

There are a number of potential problems and dangers that come up on these outings. Please familiarize yourself with all of them.


Most of the locations we are going to have a long history of nudist use. Sometimes the authorities (park rangers, police, etc) recognize this and do not cause a problem. Other locations require some discretion and there is tolerance as long as there is no complaint from the public. Other locations are being used because they are remote enough that if other people are not around it should not be a problem. The thing to really watch out for are clothed families, children and teenagers; not all Californians are as open-minded as we are and a complaint from them could result in a problem. The best policy is to immediately cover up if we are about to encounter an unknown group of people. Some beaches, such as Baker Beach and the Santa Cruz beaches are not a problem at all. Should there ever be a need to explain to an authority figure what we are doing it is best to say we are just a bunch of friends on an outing together. DO NOT say it is a prefessional photography job since this usually requires a permit. It could make a difference as to whether or not we get kicked out or even get citations. To date the only problem we have had was a yacht trip; the marine police stopped us for a safety check and told us we had to get dressed but did not make a fuss about it. We have since found out from the Bay Area Naturist Federation that the police did not have the right to require us to get dressed.


We have really had no problems so far. When clothed people are present ahead of us at a location, we ask them if they would object to our presence nearby. On one occasion we took a powerboat through the Sacramento River Delta and whenever we approached homes or other boats we would go below deck or lie low. If you encounter clothed people you should minimize exposure by crouching down or covering yourself with whatever you have. This is especially true if there are children present. Never behave in a "show-offy" way to clothed people and do not get into a debate with them if they challenge your right to be nude. We want to avoid problems with the authorities. Usually it is ok to be nude in remote areas.


We normally will have a first aid kit along in my red utility bag. Any cuts and bruises should be attended to immediately. In the case of a serious accident we will immediately end the day and get the person to a hospital. To date we have only had minor scrapes.


Don't do it. Check out the depth first by swimming and diving in the area you want to jump into.


The power of the pacific surf is easy to underestimate. I once did a shoot with a model who kept walking out to get closer to some spectacular spray from surf against rocks, despite my objections. Sure enough she got tossed head over heels and disappeared from view for a few seconds. She had cuts and bruises head to toe and I consider the outcome lucky! It is normal that in the course of an afternoon for there to be several "rogue waves" which are much bigger than the normal surf. These can wash you off the rocks and send water up the beach and over your belongings. Stay aware!


This is a common wilderness plant throughout much of California and certainly many of the areas we visit. Ask someone point out the plant to you if you do not know it. Even clothing should not touch it because the toxic oils on the leaves are difficult to remove and will make their way to your skin one way or another. The result is a very irritating rash.


Hey, don't take this lightly. Today's sunburn could be skin cancer 10 years later. Scary stuff! We always carry extra sunblock, so put it on!


Don't forget to drink water through the day. You may not feel thirsty so make sure you drink periodically.

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