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Preparing for a Nude Outing or Event

This page lists things for you to deal with prior to the shoot day and it should clear up most doubts and questions concerning practical matters of how you should appear and what you should or should not bring. Let me know if you have any other questions.


If your age is 18 to 29 or you know you look young, bring your photo ID. Without it I will not be able to let you participate in the the photoshoot. It is preferable that you scan or photograph your ID in advance and email it to me.


There is a problem with depression marks left on the body from bras and other tight garments with elastic parts. It can take an hour or more for these to go away. So avoid wearing them in the first place! Wear very loose clothing and something you can remove easily. You may be part of a group that will hit a string of locations in one day in which case you will be taking your clothes off and on all day. Also bring something extra, something warm, as it can quickly get cool at the end of the day.


Have good walking shoes for the short hike. Once on-location you want to be barefoot as much as possible. For difficult surfaces you may want flip-flops or sandals with minimal straps. Walking in rivers can be difficult and some kind of sandal is really needed for this. I am still looking for footwear that is minimal like a flip-flop but will not fall off when running or walking in the water. If I find something, I will bring several pairs along.


Generally, the less "extra stuff" you wear the better: jewelerey, scarves, wristbands, hats, sunglasses. I find that these things mostly distract from what we are trying to do. On the other hand, a bit of personality expressed thorough a unique necklace or wrist band could be nice too. So I'm not hard line about this. At the bigger festive events this is not an issue at all, in fact you may want to play around with some interesting ornamental elements. You should have sunglasses and a hat available for protection but you will not wear them except during breaks.


I think we have overdone it with props and costumes on some of the outings so I am backing away from this generally (except for the yearly festival when just about anything goes). I do think that things like frisbees and ropes, snorkels - things that help create activities are good. So you can bring some of these. We are not going to do body painting except at yearly festive events or perhaps a dedicated bodypaint event.


If you need to wear glasses to see, get those necklace straps for them so if they fall off they will dangle around your neck. One person already lost their $300 glasses on a trip!


If you are very pale-skinned try to get out and build up your tan a little in the weeks before. If it's not possible, don't worry about it.


I prefer no make-up, or a minimal amount you are comfortable with. If you have a pimple on the day of the shoot I wouldn't worry about it too much - I touch these up on the master photos. Regarding nail/toe polish: preferably none, but if you must, have it in attractive condition. Half worn-away, eroding nail polish is the worst for photos!


There is no particular requirement concerning shaving any part of your body.


If you have an injury prior to the shoot day, please let me know and I will schedule you for another day. I would prefer not to see bandages, casts, bruises, limping etc from Participants.


It is imperative that you apply sunscreen. But we have had a problem with sunscreen in the eyes; this is a serious irritation that can go on for hours. I use a special facial sunscreen for my face and a "sport" waterproof sunscreen for my body. I apply it carefully and thoroughly early in the morning and let it soak in for 10 minutes before putting on any clothes. That way I know I have base protection even if I am in too much of a hurry later to put on sunscreen properly. I will bring some sunscreen to the location in case you forget.


Do not bring anything you do not need. Do bring a light totebag that zips closed so that keys, wallet etc are not likely to fall out and get lost.


Bring one beach towel. If you do not have one, let me know and I will bring one for you.


There is a possibility I will be asking you to bring a bathing suit. Probably not. Some outings may involve bathing suits as part of a scenario. I will let you know.


Normally you will be fed around noon before we get to the location, and if it is a long day, something again late afternoon or early evening. So all you need are some snacks and beverages through the day. I will have some water, fruit and other snacks along but you may want to bring your own favorites. Glass bottles are not allowed at most of the places we are going, so if you MUST bring something keep it with your belongings. Have a small plastic bag for garbage. Plan to take out everything you bring in.


This is a non-alcohol event. There are serious safety concerns with people climbing and jumping on rocks when they have had a couple of beers. If you do sneak some anyway, do not bring it in glass containers. And do not openly walk around with it - have it covertly when you stop for a break. Preferably wait until later in the day when things start to wind down. Better yet, don't bring any.


A few of the locations have restrooms not too far off, but most do not. Your last opportunity will often be the restaurant we go to at noon. I will have some toilet paper along in my red utility bag in case you really have to go while on-location.

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